Customers must have have an account to create a return shipment. If they place orders as guests, they will have to register with the same e-mail address to convert their guest account into a customer account. Note: The images shown here can be different, depending on the theme you use.

To process a customer return go to Processing customer returns.

How a customer does a return

These steps explain how a customer creates a return. You can use these steps to explain the process to customers if they contact you.

  1. Customers log in to their account in your online store.
  2. Their recent orders are displayed. Click the View for the order they want to create a return for. 

  3. Click Return items at the bottom of the page to create the return shipment.

  4.  Choose the products to return and the quantity.

  5. Give a return reason. Customers can choose a reason and an action or create their own, and then send the return request.